The Park Rapids School Board on Monday approved the school district’s literacy plan for 2020-21.

The 14-page document, approved with the board’s consent agenda, sets goals “defining how reading proficiency will be ensured for ALL students at each grade level, birth through grade 5.”

Goals include teaching every child to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade, according to state standards. The plan goes on to identify what assessments will be used, how they will be administered, how proficiency will be determined, and how results will be communicated with parents.

The plan also identifies interventions to help students whose FastBridge assessment scores show them to be at “some risk” or “high risk” of not meeting grade-level benchmarks. It also discusses such strategies as providing “targeted instruction” tailored to the needs of small groups of students, three to five times per week.

Other topics covered in the plan include on-the-job professional development for elementary teachers, focusing on evidence-based teaching practices, and partnerships with the community to support parents’ role as “children’s first teachers.”

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